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Benchmark View

The Benchmark view is the Teacher's home page, which enables you to see at-a-glance how students are performing and where improvements are needed.

Benchmark reports:


aimsweb times out automatically after 20 minutes of inactivity.

For Benchmark view, only one grade at a time may be selected.

The Student Profile is only available for the Benchmark Distribution report.

When custom benchmark periods are in use, any display of national percentiles is based on the standard benchmark periods.

Percentile is not displayed for Monitoring measures. If accuracy cannot be calculated for a measure, the parentheses with the accuracy information is not shown.

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Using Benchmark View

In the window:

Benchmark Window

The Benchmark window enables teachers to create and view multiple types of benchmarking reports for selected schools, classes, students, grades, measures, and periods. The following example illustrates the additional scores information available when a student has been assessed.

Click a window option for a description.

Benchmark Window Options

Student selector    Hide students with current score    Grade range selector    STUDENTS column    ALERTS column and popup    Manage Monitoring button    

Measure selector    Period selector    Comparison selector    Color bar display    NUMBER CORRECT column and popup    GOAL states and popups    Probe popups    Adjust Plan button    Clear alert button

Report Selector    green Refresh button    View Profile button    MONITORING panel    BENCHMARKING panel    TASKS panel     Print button

Create the Benchmark Comparison Report

To create the report:

  1. Select students and click to refresh the screen.

  2. When students have been assessed, the scores are displayed.  To sort students by score, click the arrow in the column header.

Print the Benchmark Distribution Report

To print the report:

  1. While viewing the Comparison screen, click Print. The Print Benchmark Report dialog box is displayed. When multiple types of reports are available, the dialog box contains additional choices. See Report Types for additional Benchmark Report types.

  2. Optionally, for the Benchmark Comparison report only, select Show results tables and its Errors and/or Accuracy components. These optional selections add columns with those values to the report. (The selected measure must support errors.)

  3. Select the Benchmark Comparison report and click Print. When the report is ready, a notification is displayed.

In the printed report, the 10th, 25th, 75th, and 90th percentile values determine the student's performance levels. When the scores corresponding with these percentile values change, the performance levels will vary.

The Benchmark score distribution is based on the selected comparison: National, District, or School. For example, if a School comparison is selected, those score values are built from the students in the selected school.  

The following figure illustrates the printed report with Show results tables selected. If not selected, this column is not in the report.


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